Louise Percy is an executive development consultant and author. She founded The Percy Institute of International Protocol in 1992. She is an international speaker, educator and recognised authority in the field of business and social etiquette and global business protocol.


Recognised Authority
Drawing on the experience she gained over twenty years in both the diplomatic and political arenas in which she has worked, Louise is a recognised authority in protocol, etiquette and executive professionalism, and is a regularly interviewed guest on radio and television programs. including the "Can we help?" program for the ABC. She has been featured in newspaper and business publication articles and interviewed in several national publications including Business Review Weekly, Dynamic Small Business Magazine and The Weekend Australian newspaper. Louise has written articles for The West Australian and Harpers Bazaar magazine. She is interviewed regulary on radio.

Author and Educator
Louise has written a book on western etiquette Modern Manners - A Guide which provides important information for all those whose day-to-day business and social dealings require conducting themselves correctly to an international standard.

Continued Development
Louise is constantly updating her knowledge through research, international travel and dialogue with clients and corporate and diplomatic contacts to maintain fresh and effective tips for business behavior, leadership and social skills.

The Purpose
Louise's purpose is to deliver practical and useful information that helps people present themselves as polished and self-confident in business and social situations. Her attention to detail is apparent, whether she is working with a major multinational organisation, a small business, a government entity, a university student or school children.


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